Friday, 27 July 2012

Essence My Skin Tinted Moisturiser Review!

Hi Everyone!
Today I am going to do a review on the Essence My Skin Tinted Moisturiser which I got recently on holiday in Spain.
I picked this up from the local pharmacy simply because it looked like a nice product and I was curious about trying it out, plus it was only about €2 - €3.
First of all, the packaging of this product I think is really cute. It's not very professional but I think it's really nice. 
On the back of the box and tube, it claims...
"The intensively caring moisturiser with a touch of make-up matches the skin tone perfectly - for a natural, flawless complexion. The formulation - enriched with peach seed oil and acai berry extract- cares, protects and supplies skin with moisture up to 24 hours. Light reflective pigments give the skin a healthy and fresh glow"
So I got the shade for 'Light Skin', unfortunately they only do two shades - light and medium/dark. When I first squeeze it out, it looks quite orange, but when I begin to blend it into my skin, it sort of disappears whilst evening out my skin at the same time.
As you can see from the picture, it is very lightweight - a little goes a long way. 
It is very moisturising and very easy to blend. I usually hate blending foundation in with my fingers as it goes patchy. However, I can easily blend this is with my fingers due to the lighter consistency. 
 So the left picture is my cheek with no makeup, the right picture is it with the tinted moisturiser on. As you can see it does even out the redness, whilst still looking really natural. It doesn't necessarily give the skin a really dewy glow, just more of a brighter, healthier look.
I have combination skin, but this works fine for me - it also hasn't broken me out. I think this would work for most skin types, except if you have very oily skin.
It lasts about 4-5 hours before beginning to wear off, which I think for a tinted moisturiser is really good. 
On the packaging it says it has peach seed oil and acai berry extract. What I love about this is that the moisturiser has a fruity, peach smell. I know not everyone will like this, but personally I think it smells lovely and summery!
The last thing I love about this is that when you apply it, it kind of has a cooling sensation. I don't know if this is just me or if anyone else also finds this?   

But, now onto the bad news...
I guess there being only two shades is annoying, but the one major down fall is availability. 
Unfortunately, you can not purchase Essence products in the UK. Essence is part of Catrice Cosmetics which are both part of the Cosnova company. You can pretty much get them in most countries in Europe and in North America, just not the UK!!! I am really sad about this because I love this tinted moisturiser and another product from Essence which I will be doing a review on very soon.

To find out if Essence is stocked in your country, click on the link below...

So thats it for my review guys - let me know if you have ever tried out an Essence product! 
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Thank you so much,
Claire xxx

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