Thursday, 30 August 2012

My Nail Polish Storage

Hello Everyone!
Today I wanted to show you how I store my nail polishes. 
Yesterday arrived in the post the nail polish stand that I ordered from Amazon. It was £9.90 and said to hold 30 bottles which I think is correct, but it does depend on how big your nail polishes are etc.

I thought I would show you how I like to organise my nail polishes, I find the stand a really easy way to store them as it is a great size and looks really good. It is a clear acrylic stand with 3 'shelves' to put your nail polishes on. 
I like to organise mine from dark to light, with the brands ranging from 17, Essie, Catrice Cosmetics, and then a Sinful Colours, Jessica, Rimmel and Sephora nail polish. I start off with grey/blues, then purples, reds, and then pinks. I know I haven't done this that well but I still find it easy to find a colour I want. 
I haven't filled my stand yet, but on the first shelf I like to store my top coats, base coats and nail care, and also nail files.

Let me know how you like to store your nail polishes, or if you too store them the same way as me.
I hope you enjoyed this quick post today and enjoy the rest of your week. 
Thank you.

Claire xxx


  1. I love this! I see lots of American beauty gurus on youtube have it but everything is in dollars and I don't want to pay a ton for postage!
    I have a blog like this too, i recently started it check it out? :)

    1. Thank you :) It is a great way of storing them, plus it is not really expensive.
      Just followed your blog, it is really good (:

      Claire x