Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer VS Mac Pro Longwear Concealer!

Hi Everyone,
Today I wanted to do a VS post to compare two concealers which both claim to be high coverage and long-wearing. They are the Mac Pro Longwear which has been a holy grail concealer since I bought it (January), and the Collection Lasting Perfection which I have had mixed feelings about in the past. 
I had been using my Mac concealer everyday until I bought the Bobbi Brown corrector. Once I got that, I began using the Collection concealer instead. So after using both for a reasonable amount of time, I thought I would compare them properly to see which one is the best.
Top: Mac Concealer in NC15. Bottom: Collection Concealer in 1 Fair.
I use both of these concealers under the eye. The Mac concealer is quite yellow toned and is a good colour for under my eyes. The Collection concealer is actually a really good colour because being fair I find that usually many concealers are too dark to use under the eye, this colour on the other hand is almost to light for me, which is why I use it on top of my too dark Bobbi Brown corrector.

The Mac concealer comes in a pump bottle which is very uncontrollable, which is annoying as a little goes a long way with this concealer. However, I do find it very blend-able once on the skin.
The Collection concealer comes in a doe foot applicator which is much easier to use. I do find though the packaging to be quite messy as when you put the brush back in, sometimes concealer can squirts out and so you get concealer all over your hands. Also, I find the concealer to be not as blend-able. 
Left eye: Mac Concealer. Right eye: Collection Concealer
I use my ring finger to apply each concealer and as you can see they have both done a pretty good job. 
The Mac concealer (left eye) has cancelled out quite a lot of the purple undertone and really helped brighten my eye. it was easy to blend in and looks quite natural. I also find that the Mac concealer NEVER creases.
The Collection concealer (right eye) has also helped to brighten the under eye area. Having a pink undertone has also helped to cancel out the purple undertone. However, I do find this concealer harder to blend in. 
Both feel lightweight on the skin and have matte finishes.

They both wear very well throughout the day. Mac claim the concealer to last 15 hours. I don't know this for sure because I have never worn it for 15 hours. I do know though that it will last a good 12 hours and still look pretty much the same as when I had left it.
Collection claim their concealer lasts for up to 16 hours. Again I have never worn it for that long but I know that it does last a full day.

On the whole I do highly recommend both concealers. However, I think that if you're looking for an all-round concealer, opt for the Mac as it covers redness, blemishes and dark circles well. Whereas the Collection concealer I think is more suited for redness and blemishes simply because of the blend-ability. The Mac retails for £14.50 for 9ml which is quite pricey, but then again you only need a small amount, and the Collection concealer is £4.19 - saving you over £10 making it a brilliant budget concealer.

That is it for my VS and sort of review post. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you have tried these concealers and what you think of them. 
Thank you for reading and I will speak to you soon,

Claire xx

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