Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Love, Tanya ♥

 I have been watching Tanya Burr for years now on Youtube. She seems so lovely and down to earth and her makeup tutorials are on point.
I was so excited when she announced she would be releasing her first book, Love, Tanya as with it being a mix of biography, beauty and fashion advice and tips on how to be happy and confident (plus a few baking recipes) I knew all ages could enjoy it.

After finishing it a few days ago, I am almost sad I have read it all because it was such a pleasure to read.
Not only is the design of the book beautiful, I could tell the book felt very personal and Tanya had spent a lot of time and hardwork on it. 
My favourite chapters in particular were the pages about growing up and her childhood, her makeup essentials, her life advice and how to be happy and confident...oh and of course her baking recipes because I am such a foodie and every recipe in her book looks delicious.

It was such an easy read and one I think you could have on your dressing table or coffee table and pick up whenever you want some downtime. I think so many people would really love this book and I felt I have got to know Tanya better as a person.

Tanya's book is very inspirational and although I have never met Tanya, I think we should all feel proud for what she has achieved. 

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